DMG has 3 primary divisions.


This is the area where DMG cut its digital teeth. Our founder launched 3 ecommerce businesses in 1998 for The Eastwood Company. This was a time of 4-cents per click for PPC, $4 CPAs, shopping engines were in their infancy, HTML email was just starting, and no one was applying traditional marketing principles to ecommerce. No one. Save our founder.

The years, and many shopping cart systems, and site designs too numerous to mention, and millions and millions of dollars in client sales, have taught us a lot about how to help clients generate the greatest amount of sales at the lowest possible cost.

Learn more about how DMG can help drive your ecommerce growth.

Lead Gen

All of the strategies and tactics now in use to generate leads online originated with direct marketers. A few examples: Tactics used to get email messages open are the same as those used to get postal direct mail open. A/B split testing was invented long before the digital age. In fact, all of the metrics are the same, though many in the business are too young to realize it.

DMG, having been a part of the direct marketing industry, has been employing traditional tactics from the very start. They work. It’s the only way to do things. Discover why you need DMG for your B2B or B2C lead gen campaigns.

Legal Marketing

Are there not, seemingly, as many law firm marketing agencies as there are attorneys? Some of them are good. Many are not, it seems to us. Most appear to be from the technical, development side of things digital. There is nothing particularly wrong with this, except when it comes to brand identity.

Those who come from the technical side of things don’t always quite grasp how elements such as tone of voice and emotion play a part in the prospect’s decision making. Complicating things further are the clients themselves – the law firms – who end up with multiple digital and traditional “vendors”, and, usually, multiple brand personalities as a result.

Learn how DMG, well-versed in traditional *and* digital stuff, brings a holistic approach to the legal marketing table.